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Skin Treatments

Korean inspired skin treatments

Why Korean?

At Rara Aesthetics, we believe in the power of Korean skincare to bring out the best in your skin. Korean skincare focuses on prevention, not just correction and their highly innovative, trend setting products and ingredients truly are the best in the world. I'm sure you might have seen their incredible 'glass-skin' results.

Our skin aesthetician specialises in Korean skin treatments that help you achieve optimal skin health. Our treatments focus on strengthening your skin barrier, reducing inflammation, and promoting cell regeneration. We work closely with each of our clients to create a personalised treatment plan that delivers the best possible results. 


KRX Aesthetics

Medical Grade Korean Skincare

KRX Aesthetics is where the art of Korean skincare meets the science of beauty. Established in 2016, KRX is a fantastic professional grade Korean skincare line that produces incredible results. KRX products are not only used in our facials, but can also be purchased in the salon for you to use at home.

Professional Korean skincare is taking off in the US and is yet to hit the mainstream here in the UK. Rara Aesthetics is one of only a handful of salons in the UK to be a proud stockist of KRX. Be ahead of the trend and book in for an exclusive KRX facial today.


Luxury Facials

At Rara Aesthetics, our expert skin aesthetician offers luxury, results driven facials. Each facial is tailored to your specific skin type/condition and a totally unique experience is delivered to the client. Our skin changes all the time due to internal factors (hormones etc) and external factors (weather, pollution etc). Therefore what might work for one person, won't work for another. Our aesthetician is highly trained to recognise different skin types and conditions and treat accordingly.

Our aesthetician specialises in menopausal and acne skins and not only focuses on topical skincare, but recognises that results come from a multi-faceted approach. A thorough, in depth consultation is carried out before each skin treatment in order to give the client what their skin really needs at that moment.


Dubbed Korea's facelift in a bottle, the V-Tox lifting mask increases micro-circulation, increasing the supply of oxygen, removing cellular waste and enhancing the integrity of the skin's barrier. Propolis is rich in antioxidants, which help reverse and protect against free radical damage. Peptides help stimulate fibroblast activity, stimulating collagen and elastin production.

Omega Green

Our number one treatment for instantly improving inflamed acne, and symptoms of Rosacea. It's formulated with a combination of Chlorophyllin Copper Complex and Allantoin to accelerate the healing of acne lesions, dermatitis, and strengthen the skin's barrier.  Chlorophyllin Copper Complex has antibacterial properties which kill anaerobic bacteria which may lead to further breakouts.  It also regulates the production of HA in the skin, improving skin hydration and appearance.


Carboxy Therapy

Carboxy Therapy is an oxygenating treatment that increases circulation, improves skin texture, and has a powerful brightening effect. It's suitable for most skin types, especially those that are acne prone, dehydrated or concerned with fine lines and loss of elasticity.


Green Sea Peel

The Green Sea Peel is a resurfacing treatment that is natural and safe during pregnancy. 

Spicules are quickly becoming the go-to alternative for microneedling. This peel works by driving spicules into the skin, which stimulates collagen, exfoliates, and pulls pigment, all while delivering vitamins and nutrients into the skin which helps improve numerous skin concerns.

The Green Sea Peel is used with an activator which is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Glucan, Allantoin, and a host of growth factors.



Each vial contains a potent blend of active ingredients, formulated to address specific skin concerns. These can be incorporated into your facial or micro-channelled into the skin.

Try our 'Botox in a bottle' ampoule which contains fragments of Botox for a tightening and hydrating effect.

Our Salmon DNA ampoule is created for cellular renewal, containing PDRN. PDRN accelerates tissue repair, improves pigmentation, reduces inflammation and increases collagen production.

We also use other ampoules for acne, pigmentation and skin brightening.

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